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Picture of a chain link fence

buildings framed by a chain link fence

in a parking garage

near the Boston airport

Revere, MA

Photograph of London Eye

the London Eye

lace curtains in an European hotel

view from my European hotel room


Cusco, Peru


Rooftop billboard in Boston


Whatever you do, don’t forget to look up.

Seattle library picture

The Seattle library is an amazing sight and there are books too.

Bright colors in a store window

If you’re low on art supplies, here’s the place to go.

Blick on Capitol Hill

Picture of Seattle library interior

Day off,

for me today.

At the Central Library,

in Seattle, WA.


Leisure rules! – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Blue stairway at the Experience Music Project

Going up?

Stairs leading to a Nirvana concert

at the Experience Music Project

in Seattle, WA