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photograph of woman walking to work

walking to work #citylife

billboards in New York City

an American eagle landing in Times Square, NYC

Abstract picture of lines that might be a sheep

Possibly a sheep.

Ink blot test.

What do you see?

Blue stairway at the Experience Music Project

Going up?

Stairs leading to a Nirvana concert

at the Experience Music Project

in Seattle, WA

Legs at a rock concert

When I looked you in the eye
I knew it was time for good-bye
You were the only one I had around
But you couldn’t keep your feet on the ground

Run rabbit run,


Holiday time in Seattle

no matter

whether it rains

or pours

its holiday time

in Seattle


A girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

A view of the Space Needle in Seattle, WA

I have a tiny obsession/love affair with the Space Needle.

I enjoy capturing the needle from all angles.

He’s a jukebox hero,

got stars in his eyes


-Foreigner 1981

Colorful lights at night.