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City lights from the bus

I woke up early

traveled by bus

by plane

and then I was home again.

Selena Gomez in concert

I took my youngest to her first BIG concert last week: Selena Gomez. I enjoyed the energy of all the young fans (lots of screaming ala the Beatles).

Picture of traffic light in Maui

I didn’t mind stopping at this traffic light.

Beauty is everywhere – even traffic lights.

I snapped this pic with my phone while driving with the top down in Kihei, Maui.

Picture of spider light

Spider light captured on film. Or maybe just my mobile phone, pretending to be film.

Picture of Maui sunset

Greetings from Kihei, Maui!

Picture of Israel

Today’s post is a ‘guest post’ by my daughter. First a photograph from her trip to the Old City of Jerusalem.

This scene inspired her to paint this oil painting:

Picture of Old City painting - Jerusalem


Picture of fireworks on July 4th

One nation, under a loud speaker. With many fireworks.

Picture of city lights

Here are a few things that I think have endless photographic possibilities:

  • Clouds
  • Water
  • City lights

Graphic art sign

I can get lost exploring all the shapes in this image.

Picture of traffic

American life includes traffic.