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Iris flower picture

Iris are in bloom in Seattle (6/2/2011). This seems early, but maybe it’s because our spring has been so wet.

Anxiously awaiting summer…

Paint strokes

A touch of paint whimsy.

Puckered Hosta leaves

Puckered Hosta leaves with a few sweet woodruff flowers in the mix.

Rain on window

This was the view from my dining room window during a recent downpour.

Water drops on my car

A strawberry or water drops on my car?

Picture of forks

You can’t have too many forks Or can you?

Abstract rays

This image started as a photograph and magically morphed into…  this. Isn’t magic great?

Tulip picture

I was in front of a shopping center today and saw these great exploding tulips – the petals were reaching out for one last hurrah before falling to the ground. I didn’t have my camera, but luckily I had my phone handy.

Picture of clover

My back is on the fritz, but I managed to snap this picture of some Oxalis creeping around my yard.

Picture of Dance Central

This is a picture of me during the freestyle portion of Dance Central – with a little image manipulation.