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photograph of building in New York City

I knew a guy who worked here –

in the center,

third window over from the right.

Photograph of Metropolitan Park, HBO in Seattle

metropolitan park

on olive way

in Seattle

Photograph of three pillars with shadows

three pillars near Pike Place Market in Seattle

blue glass structure

documenting structures on my way to work – city walk

Pike Place Market

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Whatever you do, don’t forget to look up.

Seattle library picture

The Seattle library is an amazing sight and there are books too.

Picture of Seattle library interior

Day off,

for me today.

At the Central Library,

in Seattle, WA.


Leisure rules! – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Metal building in Seattle


Frank Gehry designed Experience Music Project (EMP) building.

Metal curves at Experience Music Project

The Frank Gehry designed Experience Music Project (EMP) building

is a work of art

and an endless source

of photographs