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Photograph of Metropolitan Park, HBO in Seattle

metropolitan park

on olive way

in Seattle

photograph shadowed man

in the shadows

lace curtains in an European hotel

view from my European hotel room

Possible Chitty Chitty Bang Bang invention.

Wire frame cube - Exploratorium in San Francisco

Just back from San Francisco. Snapped this picture at the Exploratorium.

Picture of bare winter trees

Coming home from work, I snapped this picture while stopped at a light. Deciduous trees show us their beautiful bones in the winter.

Picture of tree at Garden of the Gods

Dramatic tree at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado.

Star plant

This star-shaped plant looks like it might walk right off the page.

Picture of fabric design

This is a snippet of the design on my couch.

Picture with a cool pattern

I like to keep things simple. Sometimes subtracting color lets the form shine brighter.