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Wire frame cube - Exploratorium in San Francisco

Just back from San Francisco. Snapped this picture at the Exploratorium.

Abstract rays

This image started as a photograph and magically morphed into…  this. Isn’t magic great?

Tulip picture

I was in front of a shopping center today and saw these great exploding tulips – the petals were reaching out for one last hurrah before falling to the ground. I didn’t have my camera, but luckily I had my phone handy.

Picture of clover

My back is on the fritz, but I managed to snap this picture of some Oxalis creeping around my yard.

Blue skies in Seattle

Things are definitely looking up! Here’s another view of my Japanese maple tree.

Picture of candles in a windowsill

These candles and their reflection caught my eye today.

Picture of a rainy Seattle day

Yep, another rainy Seattle day. Spring.

Whistler, Canada 

I took this picture from the top of Whistler on a gorgeously sunny day.

Metal grate at Whistler 

After skiing at Whistler today, I stepped on this metal grate on my way into the lodge.

Picture of sand dollar light

This light caught my eye after a wonderful dinner at a friend’s house.