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Legs at a rock concert

When I looked you in the eye
I knew it was time for good-bye
You were the only one I had around
But you couldn’t keep your feet on the ground

Run rabbit run,


Metal building in Seattle


Frank Gehry designed Experience Music Project (EMP) building.

Raindrops on a window pane

Raindrops on windows

look like sunshine

when seen thru a lens

Selena Gomez in concert

I took my youngest to her first BIG concert last week: Selena Gomez. I enjoyed the energy of all the young fans (lots of screaming ala the Beatles).

Picture of palm tree

Palm tree shadows in Maui. I love how there’s sun and shadows here every day.

Picture of a child's rocking chair

Rock on, little rocker.

Picture of whispy clouds

Dreaming is free
Dreaming is free
Dreaming is free
(by Blondie)

Picture of jellyfish

Time for another guest post! My younger daughter snapped this beautiful blue picture in Boston this summer.

Picture of blue flowers

Delphinium stalks are nice and tall with wonderful clusters of flowers.

Picture of stained glass window

I’m enjoying a nice holiday weekend – taking time to enjoy simple things like this stained glass window.