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lace curtains in an European hotel

view from my European hotel room


for all you do, this Bud’s for you!

buds at Kew Gardens just outside of London.

(i like the wicks on the buds that are past their prime – they look like a strand of hair)

Flower vase with stems, before stained glass window

Beautiful blue

Yellow lilies

Yellow. Lots of yellow.

Picture of hibiscus flower

I love the papery thin petals of hibiscus flowers.

Image of spiral seedpod

Traveling gives you a chance to see different plants, like this interesting seed pod in Maui.

Picture of seed head

Picture of a seed head in my garden. I think this might be a garlic sead head?

Picture of a black eyed susan

The Black-eyed Susan: the state flower of Maryland.

Picture of blue flowers

Delphinium stalks are nice and tall with wonderful clusters of flowers.

Picture of stained glass window

I’m enjoying a nice holiday weekend – taking time to enjoy simple things like this stained glass window.