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Seattle library picture

The Seattle library is an amazing sight and there are books too.

Four heads are better than one

Four heads in a Portland store window.

Glass windows and water

Blue skies,

smiling at me,

nothing but blue skies,

from now on.

(Looking up from inside Lincoln Square – Bellevue, Washington)

Picture of crayons

Everyone is born creative; everyone is given a box of crayons in kindergarten.

Hugh MacLeod

Picture of stained glass window

I’m enjoying a nice holiday weekend – taking time to enjoy simple things like this stained glass window.

Picture of forks

You can’t have too many forks Or can you?

Abstract rays

This image started as a photograph and magically morphed into…  this. Isn’t magic great?

Picture of glass coils

Cobras in a pond?

A window view

The view from Monica’s house. Lots of interesting shapes.

Dome ceiling

I looked up this morning and this ceiling caught my eye at the Boise airport.