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This grassy grass swayed in the summer breeze

and I stopped to enjoy the blades

Picture of sedum plant

I was looking through some images from last summer and I found this little green gem.

Picture of palm leaves

Afternoon light created this interesting weave pattern on a palm.

Sedum picture

You can’t have too much green.

Day 80/365

Green rain coat

No raindrop pictures today. How about a picture of my raincoat instead?

Picture of clover

My back is on the fritz, but I managed to snap this picture of some Oxalis creeping around my yard.

Picture of green leaves

I am continually amazed by the images I get with a mobile phone (like this one). When I pick up my SLR, it seems so cumbersome by comparison.

Picture of hosta leaves

Hosta leaves are starting to unfurl in my yard.