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White arches at the end of their day.

Squares and bold lines meet to create this Seattle city scene.

Suddenly, I felt like things were falling apart.

And I didn’t know why.

This grassy grass swayed in the summer breeze

and I stopped to enjoy the blades

He’s a jukebox hero,

got stars in his eyes


-Foreigner 1981

Binary numbers in Mountain View, California.

Overhead power and bus lines in Seattle

Whenever I go to Seattle my eyes drift upwards to see all the wires overhead. I find all these lines mesmerizing.

Do we need them all? What would happen if I got out my eraser and erased a few?

Picture of sedum plant

I was looking through some images from last summer and I found this little green gem.

Picture of light on cabinet

I like when light lets you see everyday life in a different way.

Picture of hibiscus flower

I love the papery thin petals of hibiscus flowers.