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Orange leaves

A beautiful and sunny fall day in Seattle.


Photo taken with my Lumia 1020 (yep, a camera phone).

Picture of palm leaves

Afternoon light created this interesting weave pattern on a palm.

Picture of fern spores

One frond, many spores, on a sunny afternoon in Maui.

Picture of palm branch

I like the form of this palm leaf on the blue background.

Puckered Hosta leaves

Puckered Hosta leaves with a few sweet woodruff flowers in the mix.

Hosta leaf

Hosta leaves are so beautiful. Love all the lines.

Picture of hosta leaves

Hosta leaves are starting to unfurl in my yard.

Blue skies in Seattle

Things are definitely looking up! Here’s another view of my Japanese maple tree.

New leaves on a maple tree

New leaves are unfolding on the maple tree in front of my house.


Lettuce celebrate! Today is my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary.