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Orange leaves

A beautiful and sunny fall day in Seattle.


Photo taken with my Lumia 1020 (yep, a camera phone).

Metal building in Seattle


Frank Gehry designed Experience Music Project (EMP) building.

A view of the Space Needle in Seattle, WA

I have a tiny obsession/love affair with the Space Needle.

I enjoy capturing the needle from all angles.

Picture of lines on metal

Experience Music Project – Seattle, WA

This Frank Gehry building is a photographer’s dream.

Interesting shapes, that change when the light changes.

Wire frame cube - Exploratorium in San Francisco

Just back from San Francisco. Snapped this picture at the Exploratorium.

Yellow lilies

Yellow. Lots of yellow.

Glass windows and water

Blue skies,

smiling at me,

nothing but blue skies,

from now on.

(Looking up from inside Lincoln Square – Bellevue, Washington)

Graphic art sign

I can get lost exploring all the shapes in this image.

Abstract rays

This image started as a photograph and magically morphed into…  this. Isn’t magic great?

Tulip picture

I was in front of a shopping center today and saw these great exploding tulips – the petals were reaching out for one last hurrah before falling to the ground. I didn’t have my camera, but luckily I had my phone handy.