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Orange leaves

A beautiful and sunny fall day in Seattle.


Photo taken with my Lumia 1020 (yep, a camera phone).

Courage is being scared to death – and saddling up anyway.

– John Wayne

Picture of antlers on a wall


Possibly of the deer variety.

Picture of sedum plant

I was looking through some images from last summer and I found this little green gem.

Selena Gomez in concert

I took my youngest to her first BIG concert last week: Selena Gomez. I enjoyed the energy of all the young fans (lots of screaming ala the Beatles).

Picture of rain drops on a car

I enjoyed some great thunderstorms and big rain drops in Colorado last week.

Picture of a shrub

Shrubbery: A group of planting of shrubs.

Picture of Israel

Today’s post is a ‘guest post’ by my daughter. First a photograph from her trip to the Old City of Jerusalem.

This scene inspired her to paint this oil painting:

Picture of Old City painting - Jerusalem


Gray and black abstract

Time for something abstract.

Picture of a car

There was lots of color and sunshine in Seattle today.