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Holiday time in Seattle

no matter

whether it rains

or pours

its holiday time

in Seattle


Space needle with power pole and street light

The season of grey/gray is upon us.

Luckily, there are glimpses of color.

Like orange.

City lights from the bus

I woke up early

traveled by bus

by plane

and then I was home again.

Grey day in Seattle with bird

Full color picture of a bird taking flight this morning.

Picture of rain drops on a car

I enjoyed some great thunderstorms and big rain drops in Colorado last week.

Green rain coat

No raindrop pictures today. How about a picture of my raincoat instead?

Rain on window

This was the view from my dining room window during a recent downpour.

Water drops on my car

A strawberry or water drops on my car?

Rain drops

Raindrops keep falling on my windshield.

Picture of a rainy Seattle day

Yep, another rainy Seattle day. Spring.