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photograph shadowed man

in the shadows

Photograph of three pillars with shadows

three pillars near Pike Place Market in Seattle

Pike Place Market

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Legs at a rock concert

When I looked you in the eye
I knew it was time for good-bye
You were the only one I had around
But you couldn’t keep your feet on the ground

Run rabbit run,


Two black and white cube frames

This image

reminds me of…

something from Star Wars

but really it’s from

the museum of science, art and human perception

(the Exploratorium in SF)

Metal curves at Experience Music Project

The Frank Gehry designed Experience Music Project (EMP) building

is a work of art

and an endless source

of photographs

Frank Gehry-designed museum building

Shapes, glorious shapes.

Frank Gehry-designed museum building at the Seattle Center.

Squares and bold lines meet to create this Seattle city scene.

Bubbles in a tube

How about a little bubbly?

Graphic art sign

I can get lost exploring all the shapes in this image.